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Aguahara is a unique form of aquatic bodywork, merging principles of yoga, tai chi & massage with other water therapies, while honouring the Vital Elemental Wisdom of Water.

One is supported, held and led in a fluid dance of meditative movement, receiving the nurturing qualities of water’s embrace.

Centered in Presence, each session is a unique experience ~ offering the recipient the opportunity to release physical tensions, liberate emotions, open the heart and mind, connect with their own essence, discover the expansive loving silence within

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John Delaplaine

Offering sessions in several Bay Area Locations

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I recently had an Aguahara session with a dear friend, John Delaplaine. At the time of our session, I was in an emotionally tender place--having just done some deep inner-process work that had my soul wanting a safe space to open to the healing that wanted to move through my body.
Our work in the water together was gentle yet profound. What I love about John is the depth of his love and awareness for the human soul, and how that translates into how he intuitively holds and guides the body in the weightless space of water. I left our session feeling lighter, more open-hearted, and more trusting in the world around me.
I genuinely recommend reaching out to him via private message. The works he's offering is such a gift, especially for women wanting to feel held by a safe and nurturing masculine presence.
Enjoy. <3

I have received a lot of Aguahara sessions and the one I had with John, was without a doubt one of the most profound experiences I have ever had in the water.
Each session is unique, even with the same therapist, and each of them has its own magic. It can be more dynamic, it can make you smile, it can make you cry, it can make you feel like you are floating in the universe... Maybe this last phrase can express one of the colors that I experienced with John. He was so present and connected with the rhythm of the session and so in touch with what I needed in each moment, that time felt infinite. Really subtle movements had the space needed to unfold and be deeply felt.
Aguahara is an amazing experience that everybody should try and John is at the top of my list of practitioners to recommend…

I believe this was my 6th or 7th session with John but this was the longest and the first since his return from Aguahara training in Mexico.
As always, such a sweet sacred and healing experience to surrender into his gentle arms - being pulled and floated like a rag doll through the water, feeling so safe and so held. One can not get this experience on land and John is the supreme guide for this beautiful journey.

Much gratitude for the wonderful Aquahara session I received today. It felt so freeing, nourishing and delicious to be moved through the water in such ways-- and with a dropped in, natural state of grace and attunement from you. I felt safe and honored to awaken to such a gentle yet powerful healing modality.  Thank you again and I'm looking forward to next weekend!

The sessions with John have been deep experiences of Returning. Returning to stillness, to silence, to the loving places within. As a carrier of life, I have a new appreciation for warm water. Aguahara became the channel of communication between me and the baby I am gestating. Each underwater move becomes a reminder of where we come from and what a baby feels before breathing the airs of earth. The soft, caring, trusting touch of John invites total surrender and opens a sacred space to be intimately connected with one self. A dance between our high self and our body self. Sensations that bring me back to gratitude for having chosen to be human.

I used to live at Harbin Hot Springs....where I received literally hundreds of professional water sessions.
My recent sessions with John, proved to be some of the best water care I have ever had.
He is kind, compassionate, and listens well to the body.
He is incredibly patient and has the capacity to allow deep-seated wounds to bubble up to the surface. More importantly, he can hold space for the passing through of the strong emotions that can arise.

Water dancing in and of itself is a sweetly relaxing, beautiful, womb-like experience but to work with John makes it an extra special one! He skillfully creates a safe, relaxing space and when your ready and dropped in he guides you into a dance with the water that is nothing short of a soulful, mermaid meditation! Trusting, communicative, unique, and very special- that’s why I have and will continue to see John! Thank you for bringing me back to myself with this incredible gift!!!